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Leica & Kaiser

Leica and Kaiser Born February 17th 2008

From the moment we drove home with them (which took two hours and Kaiser peeing  in the car) our little puppies (that are now around 40 pounds each) have been adventurous, curious, happy, and loving – everything we could have ask for in a mans best friend.  Although every once and a while we want to scream when we find our expensive pair of sandals chewed, our couch covers on the floor, or miscellaneous bills ripped to shreds – we love our dogs and know that it is all a part of the journey, and if is doesn’t resolve we know that we can always call Cesar Milan.  But to all seriousness Leica and Kaiser are now a part of our family and can cheer up anyone’s day.  Leica has developed a habit of putting any object in her mouth when she is excited – almost like a pacifier. Kaiser is extremely laid back and is just recognizing that his bark is loud and ferocious and should be used as much as possible – hopefully this will make him a great guard dog.  Both dogs are un-protective of bones or toys and are happy to share with anyone – or dog that would like to try them out, we have never seen a serious growl out of our happy-go-lucky puppies.  They have grown up so fast!


Maggie – Age 5 months, 27 lbs.

Owners:  The Bartell Family, Marana , AZ

Maggie is a very smart dog and extremely loveable.  Her favorite activity is swimming with the family and retrieving a rubber bone in the water.  She also loves to run and chase tennis balls.  She acts like one of our children and when the kids are home she prefers to hang out with them!  She wants to please and do the right thing so training her was easy!  Maggie is quite calm for a puppy, but also loves to be active.  Maggie is a great family dog and we could not be happier with her!



Champ is one of the Lemon colored spaniels from Brandy and Rex’s litter that was born in February.   He is amazingly smart.   Within the first few months, he learned to sit, shake, lay down, and roll over.   He is fully potty trained and crate trained.  He has not had an accident in the house for a couple of months.  He loves to play catch, but he REALLY likes to play “catch me” when he finds something he shouldn’t have.   He likes to take things of ours right now, because he’s a puppy and because I think it makes him feel closer to us.  The amazing thing to me is that he never ruins anything.  He just wants to play.  I can’t tell you how many shoes my previous puppy ruined…clothing and carpet too.   He is not destructive, he just loves our “stuff”.   He is sweet and mild mannered (except during puppy burst play times).   He has NEVER, EVER been aggressive with any other dog or person.   He wants nothing more than an Atta Boy for a job well done, love, a nice long walk and food.   He loves to be with us, follows us wherever we go.   He is learning to swim and recently had a lot of fun in the last rain storm.   We had some flooded greenbelts and that dog could have been out there all day playing with the kids.    We love him and he is so much a part of our family that I just don’t know what we did without him for so long.   We did a lot of research on breeds and I really feel that research paid off, as we got everything we were looking for in a family pet.   Thank you for being the breeder that brought him to us!!

Tom & Hilorie Johnson


Our beloved dog Rodie died February 27, 2008.  A few weeks later we discovered Christine's website and were excited to find out we could get the pick of Sarah's litter when they were born at the end of March.  Imagine our surprise when one of the puppies had a perfect lower case "r" on her side.  We knew it was a sign from Rodie that she was the puppy we were supposed to have!  Baylee has been so much fun to have around.  She is such a smart dog and we enjoy teaching her new tricks.  Within 2 days of coming home she already knew how to use the doggie door (even though we had to make steps for her to get in and out!)  She also learned to sit, shake, roll over, play dead and go "round and round" within the first month.  Her favorite tricks include getting her leash every time we tell her it's time for a walk and fetching the paper every morning!  The Wednesday and Sunday papers are still a little tough, but she drags them up anyway!!  She loves to go on
walks, play in the park and play in the pool.  She has a great disposition and isn't afraid of anyone or any other dogs.  She even loves her grandma and grandpa's cat!  We are so glad to have her!




Madison Grace Smith "Maddy"

5 months Birthday 2/18/08
Phoenix, AZ (Central Phoenix)
Temperament: very sweet, loves to use her puppy face to get out of trouble frequently, a little anxious,
 loves to be close by you at all times, ticklish, super active.
Behavior: everyone loves her at the vet, she is well-behaved, easy to pick up commands,
she is very active and would play all day if we would let her.
Does not bark frequently
She loves to play fetch, bath time, brushing her teeth, and loves swimming.
She loves to be around her aunts Cassie and Sammi ( 13-year old Springer Spaniels at Grandma's house)
She loves her ears and neck to be scratched.
Her favorite toy is a sqeaky cheesburger and she loves to sleep on her snuggle puppy.
Maddy can pick out every new toy without you presenting it to her.

Clemson Webb

Clemson Webb, born March 23, 2008, is 4 ½ months old and lives in North Phoenix, AZ.  She is a beautiful girl and gets compliments every where we go on how beautiful she is and how sweet/well behaved she is.  She is very friendly to other people, including children, and she has really begun to enjoy playing with other dogs.  She likes to greet everyone and is always very excited to receive attention and love.  She LOVES to play…her favorite toys are stuffed animals, tug-of-war rope, and tennis balls.  Clemson learned to fetch early on and it is one of her favorite games to play!  She loves to play outside and run around in the grass…she even enjoys sunbathing!  Clemson is very curious and she likes to check out everything and sniff everything.


Clemson has learned several tricks…she knows how to sit, lay down, stay, fetch, and kiss.  We will ask her to sit and stay prior to giving her food and then we will say “kiss” and she will lick our cheek…it is very cute!  She is VERY smart and picks up on things very quickly!!!  Clemson was crate and potty trained very early on and she will sit at the back door and bark when she needs to go potty.  She loves to go for long walks and she really enjoys playing at the dog park with all of the other dogs.  She plays nicely with other dogs…never tries to dominate the play time.  Clemson also enjoys going to her puppy training class every Saturday where she learns new tricks and plays with other puppies.  We take Clemson just about everywhere with us and she loves riding in the car…she loves to put her head out of the window and take in all of the scents!


We love Clemson so much and she has become a very important part of our family.  She brings so much energy and excitement to our home and there is never a dull moment.  We couldn’t imagine life without her!



She is a real joy. She is closer to me due to Dave working so much and I work out of the house. She follows me step by step. She sleeps under my desk while I am working.

 She loves to get into bed with Dave and crawl all the way up to Dave on her belly and then she will kiss him and roll over so she can have her belly rubbed until she falls asleep.

She likes to ride in her kennel and that is also her sleeping spot. When she is tired or its bed time, all you do is say "bed time" and she goes in. It is also her time out spot.

She has several buddies here. Her favorite friend is a black lab and springer mix. She goes out to his kennel and play's tug of war with him and loves to swim in his pool.

Her second friend is another springer named Riddic. She also comes out with me while I feed the chickens, goose, horses and all of the wild birds and rabbits that I leave food out for. She has almost 6 acers to play on.

She is so sweet but when a stranger comes into the yard she will bark and let you know that there is a strange person around. She likes to play fetch and play with our kitten.

She is so pretty, she has white spots on her nose and freckles on the top of her nose. She also has a patch of hair between her ears that sticks up like a Mohawk. Her eyes are a a dark green that makes the red hair even more red. She is now 6 months and she is potty trained. She stands at the door when she needs to go out.

We chose to purchase a springer spaniel due to the easy going, and family loving.  They are a very smart, and learn fast. The best family dog to have.

Luke & Chloe




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