English Springer Spaniel Puppies

Welcome to our website. Here it's all about our English Springer Spaniels.

Sir Rae Rex Hunter

He is a 12 years old, AKC registered, and spoiled rotten! He is misses Brandy I'm sure but has a new companion to play with. We have a new Springer named Shelby. He was very gentle with her when we first brought her home. She is now a little too rambunctious for him in his older years but he does his best.    

When we first brought him home he kept on taking our shoes outside. We didn't know why he did this until his previous owners informed us that he has a shoe fettish.  I think we have him cured of the shoe fettish, but he feels the need to grab anything he can when he goes outside.  Things like the TV remote, bones, food bowls, and anything that is handy to grab on his way out the door.  It's so cute! 

He made very cute babies with Sarah and Brandy.  He must have had the lemon colored gene in him.  We never had lemon & white puppies until we bred Sarah and Brandy with him.  Just look at him, he is so handsome!!  How could you not love Springers?? 



Brandy was first English Springer Spaniel. She was 13 years old when she past and she is missed every day.  When we saw her we fell in love.  She was so cute!!   She was a Field Bred English Springer Spaniel and was spoiled rotten!  Why else have a pet if you can't spoil them and treat them like your family?

Brandy fit in like one of the kids.  Always right beside us and followed us wherever we went. She loved going to Roosevelt lake and was born to swim. We almost had to drag her out of the water when it was time to go home. When we went fishing she use to check out every fish when we pulled them out of the lake. I think she thought that was her job. She was trained well and would leave treats balancing on her nose, until you told her to get it. She could even sniff out which hand her treat was in, and let us know by laying down and looking at that hand after sniffing it. Not too often would she be wrong.  

Brandy had 5 litters.  Her first litter she had 12 beautiful puppies!  Her second litter she had 8 puppies. (easy) Her third litter was an amazing bakers dozen!!  Yes, 13 puppies!  We were definately blessed with that litter. Her fourth litter she had 12 and her last litter she had 11.  All of Brandy's puppies were healthy and given loving homes. We enjoy raising English Springer Spaniels. How can you not love puppies?? They are so cute and funny to watch and play with.  We get to experience them grow into their own personalities. Hear their first sounds... Grunts, cries, and funny little barks.  See them learn to walk, and play.  It's an experience for sure. 

Check out more pictures of Brandy's and her puppies.  They have all been so cute!!  We end up missing them after they are all gone to their new homes.


Sarah was one of Brandy's puppies from her second litter.  She past away a couple years ago. She looked more like her dad, Chance, who was mostly white and a lighter shade of liver.  She was originally sold to a family and lived with them for about a year.  Her first family decided not to keep her any longer, so that's when we took her in.  We always want to make sure our puppies are given great homes and will be taken care of.  She was very gentle and wanted to be close to everyone at all times. She was a wonderful dog and had such a sweet and gentle disposition.  She has a funny smile where she shows her front teeth.  I wish I had captured a picture of it.